Sacred Source Dance Studio
Melrose, MA

Sacred Source Belly Dance is a consortium of dancers dedicated to reconnecting women to their power, strength and beauty using the movement vocabulary of belly dance.
Belly dance, in its oldest and purest form brings women together in shared community to exchange knowledge about birthing, self love, self adornment and sisterhood. The dance's deepest intention is to liberate the pelvis, free the belly and open the heart.


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Sacred Source Studio
72 Stone Place, Melrose, Ma

To register and for information and directions,
call: Lorraine, (781) 306-1333,

Send payment to: Lorraine Lafata
14 Kilsyth Road, 1st Floor,
Medford, MA 02155

Show Stopper Moves
Weds, Nov 3rd, 10th, 17th and Tues. Nov 23rd 7-8:30pm, Cost $88

Within every dance performance, there are always opportunities to create crescendo experiences. Like any well-crafted story, a good dance routine builds from introductory and foundation elements to rising action and climax ,and then back again to resolution and completion. In order to highlight these different phases of the dance experience, the dancer must have at her disposal, a series of powerful feature movements that draw attention to the shifting storyline of her dance.

In this four week class, we will explore and develop these types of punctuating show stopper moves . From the opening entrance to veil to taxim /chiftetelli and drum solo, we will deconstruct and reconfigure the use of shimmies, hip circles spinning, undulations and other vocabulary for maximum impact during your dance routine.